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Who are we ?


NaturalPad comes from Montpellier French tech and develops serious games to bennefit health. At the moment we are focusing most of our work on MediMoov; a rehabilitation and keep fit web platform. We work with healthcare professionals to offer clinically validated programmes tailored to patients/residents.

We organise our work based on Agile methods that promote co-design, which means we can rapidly offer new features and improve the quality of our products. Our team, expert in new technologies and video games, creates playful quality solutions that respond perfectly to the needs of healthcare professionals.


Innovative methods

Agile methods allow our team to work faster and more effectively for the realisation of our projects.

We regularly meet to set common goals with the aim of increasing our effectiveness and the cohesion of our team.


Strong R&D division

Our R&D team works closely with a research and development centre to place innovation at the heart of our creation process.

Co-design with professionals means we can guarantee the highest quality products.


Great potential

Our working methods, the omnipresence of research and the versatility of our team offers NaturalPad a high added value and ensures the quality of our products.

MediMoov is thus the first platform to have achieved clinical validation.






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After a first successful fund-raising in June 2015 with local business angels,
NaturalPad is looking to meet new investors to prepare the company’s future.

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Antoine Seilles

Antoine Seilles


Driving force behind NaturalPad, Antoine is extremely versatile; he perfectly juggles his research on Web 2.0 solutions and his management of the team.

Anthony Barreau

Anthony Barreau


Inventive and methodical, Anthony works on prototyping and developing the company’s innovative tools! He also participates in the organisation of team meetings.

Françoise Darré

Françoise Darré

Executive Assistant

Organised, Françoise brilliantly handles all the administrative and editorial tasks.

Tristan Le Granché

Tristan Le Granché

Artistic Director

Without Tristan, our visual communication would really be weak! He produces some of the graphics for our productions and for our communication media.

Geoffrey Mélia

Geoffrey Mélia

Design manager

Steering force of NaturalPad, Geoffrey defines and pursues the participatory design method of the productions by assessing needs and goals up to prototyping.

Guilhem Laviers

Guilhem Laviers

Sales professional

We talk about Guilhem every day here !  Serious and cheerful, we can rely on his skills in the sales department.

Sébastien Andary

Sébastien Andary

Development Manager

He is one of the many brains of NaturalPad. He participates in the development of new technologies and innovative tools for motion capture.

Valentin Begel

Valentin Begel

Research Engineer

Arms always in the air, Valentin is working on rhythm as he is doing his thesis on the project BAASTA, while also developing rhythm-based rehabilitation tools!

Hugo Alonso

Hugo Alonso

Communication & Marketing

Versatile and reliable, Hugo is a link between the sales department and the communication department where he works everyday.

Guillaume Tallon

Guillaume Tallon

Clinical Validation Manager

Guarantees the quality of our products. Thanks to his scientific career, Guillaume coordinates the clinical studies proving the therapeutic efficiency of MediMoov.

Marion Floris

Marion Floris

Community Manager

One of the writers of NaturalPad, Marion manages our presence on social networks, produces the content on the NaturalBlog and relays our information to the entire world !

Philippe Roger

Philippe Roger

Export Manager

Certainly the most belgian of the team ! He’s the one who flies the NaturalPad’s flag over the Europe !


Game design

Motion capture

We have developed our own skeleton extraction algorithms to improve the results provided by Kinect, but also to rapidly integrate any new system required for effective rehabilitation.

Game design

Game Design

We attach real importance to the designs and graphics of our games in order to make them the most immersive possible with the aim of proposing playful rehabilitation solutions that make the most of the advantages offered by virtual reality.

Game design


Our products are co-designed in collaboration with health professionals (rehabilitation doctors, physiotherapists etc.) so as to propose solutions closest to needs in the field !

Game design

Web Culture

We have also come from Web Culture, which means we are permanently responsive and able to offer products that are constantly evolving and always in line with advances in technology and customer requirements.

Game design

Clinical Validation

Our scientific rigour pushes us to perform clinical validations for all of our productions to prove their effectiveness. Our platform is recognised as Class 1 Medical Device.

Game design


We can also work on your projects, whether for motion capture, virtual or augmented reality, good postural practices, IT and web development, and game design or graphics.



We combine video games and motion capture to offer you fully configurable and individualisable tools and so provide your patients with a playful and efficient experience of rehabilitation and keeping fit.

We do everything possible to guarantee you a simple and efficient usage.


Our MediMoov platform is scalable.

New games, environments and exercises are regularly added so as to best respond to your needs.

New features and constantly improved ergonomic means you always have a handover that is easier, rapid and complete.

Medical Device

MediMoov is recognised as “Class 1 Medical Device” (Directive 93/42/EEC).

The supplied equipment complies with European legislative requirements.

Combined with our clinical validation process, this ensures that you are using an actual medical device for your rehabilitation and keep fit therapies.

MediMoov Logo

More information

Physio-gaming web platform; offer your patients and residents a new way to rehabilitate:

– Playful exercises for improved adhesion

– Quality motion capture for better efficiency

– Virtual reality to diminish the fear of pain

– Logging for an actual monitoring of capacities

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A. Dupeyron

University professor and Hospital practitioner at the University Hospital of Nîmes

Physical medicine and rehabilitation

“NaturalPad takes into account the latest research in order to come up with innovative and playful rehabilitation programmes.”


C. Brinis

Director of a Nursing Home establishment

“The main advantages of this innovative approach is that it differs from standard rehabilitative management in its playful aspect, offering the possibility of individualised work that best responds to the needs of persons in terms of prevention and risk of falls.”


I. Laffont

University professor and Hospital practitioner at the Regional University Hospital of Montpellier

Physical medicine and rehabilitation

“We share the same ambition as NaturalPad; to ensure that new technologies including serious games are recognised as a complementary resource to rehabilitation therapy.”


Jean V.

Nursing home resident, 96 years

“It was more interesting than the usual physical rehabilitation activities. Moving left to right was fine, but back and forth I was less at ease.

In terms of equilibrium it was beneficial – I am more confident, I feel more stable.”


D. Costeau


“What is interesting about MediMoov is the possibility of varying the parameters such as the image’s frame rate so as to adapt the game to my rehabilitation needs.”


M. Sanchez

Director of a Nursing Home establishment

“With NaturalPad we have met a dynamic team offering an innovative product at the height of the expectations of La Jolivade, which is constantly in search of new technologies for supporting our elderly residents.

A feedback to be shared!”

They have adopted MediMoov

CHRU Montpellier
CHU Nîmes
CCAS Montpellier
Fondation Hopale
La Résidentielle

Our partners

Hôpitaux de Saint-Maurice
Université Montpellier
Languedoc Roussillon Incubation
Région Languedoc Roussillon
Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology
Université Technologique de Troyes
Ministère de l'enseignement supérieur et de la recherche
CHU Nîmes
Deakin University Australia
Sud de France développement
CHRU Montpellier
Réseau Entreprendre
Transfert LR
Montpellier Méditerranée Métropole


France 3 reports on the use of MediMoov in the nursing home La Jolivade.

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